The development of the European battery industry is gaining momentum

On June 9, 2020, the authorities of two leading universities, Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw, signed a cooperation agreement with ENERIS PolBatt, a member of the European Important Projects of Common European Interest on Batteries programme. 

The signed agreement is fully in line with the European Green Deal plan and is based on a  deep integration of science and industry. The purpose of this agreement is to create the ENERIS Energy Storage and Circular Economics Campus, starting from the use of the joint initiative of the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw, ie the Center for Advanced Materials and Technology CEZAMAT.

Teams of scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology (with Prof. Władysław Wieczorek and Prof. Marek Marcinek) and the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw (under the direction of Vice-Dean for Finance and Development, Dr Zbigniew Rogulski), have been cooperating with ENERIS Polbatt for over a year in order to prepare an effective model of activities and determine the desired research programmes in the field of energy storage.

The effect of this cooperation is the agreement signed today that creates a framework for the effective integration of science and industry. It is fully in line with the European Union’s policy, which has decided to make the European battery industry more dynamic, crucial for electromobility, energy security and environmental protection.

Based on the success of the European Airbus initiative, the IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) EU mechanism was created, and notified by the European Commission in December 2019. It gathered 17 companies from 7 countries, of which four of them (France , Germany, Poland, and Italy) has a leading role.

The Polish company ENERIS PolBatt is the only company to submit a project covering the full value chain from production to recycling of new generation batteries, based on research integration and full industrial implementation. The company is part of the ENERIS Group, whose mission is “clean air, soil and water” and focusing on providing innovative solutions in the field of environmental protection, from waste treatment and recycling, through low-emission distributed energy and energy storage.

Prof. Jan Szmidt, Rektor Politechniki Warszawskiej, fot. Biuro Rektora PW

Prof. Marcin Pałys, Rektor Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, fot. UW

Artur Gadziomski, członek zarządu spółki ENERIS Polbatt, fot. ENERIS


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