Thanks to CEZAMAT DIH  every company, small or large, high-tech or not, can grasp the digital opportunities to improve its operational processes, products or services.

Our DIH provides access to the modern research facilities  of our university equipped with devices located in clean-rooms. They provide optimal technical conditions meeting all requirements to carry our research and development activities in hi-tech sector particularly in micro-, nano-electronics and micro- and nano-photonics.

Our DIH is the one-stop shop that helps companies, particularly SMEs, start-ups and mid-capitalised enterprises, with an access to technical expertise and experimentation, so that companies can “test before invest”, receive financing advice and market information and as well as establish the network in respect to semiconductor, biomedical and biochemical technologies for application in the area of smart cities, smart buildings, including BIM, bio- and medical technologies and IoT/ I.4.0.

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