Thermoelectricity for IoT – A review

High-ranked Nano Energy journal publishes paper authored by Maciej Haras Ph.D. and prof. Thomas Skotnicki, titled: “Thermoelectricity for IoT – A review”

M. Haras and T. Skotnicki, ‘Thermoelectricity for IoT – A review’, Nano Energy, vol. 54, pp. 461–476, Dec. 2018, doi: 10.1016/j.nanoen.2018.10.013. Urged by the worldwide increasing demand in energy, constrained by the limited reserves of fossil fuels and facing a problem of global climate change, all innovative solutions contributing to improve the renewable production of energy are playing a strategic role. Meanwhile we are witnessing an unprecedented expansion of Internet of Things (IoT) market. Despite the huge popularity of IoT, its further expansion is slowed down by a lack of viable power supply methods capable to replace wires or batteries.

On this background the thermoelectricity can be fantastic candidate converting heat losses into usefull electric Energy offering attractive supply for the IoT nodes. The article presents progress in thermoelectricity especially in: synthesis of thermoelectric materials, generator’s architectures and electronic controllers circuitry. IoT nodes requirements and thermoelectric generators performance are confronted and presented in readable way. The article provides many interesting data and comparisons…

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