Ion Implanter

Ion Implanter IBS FLEXion 200 addresses the needs of advanced research in field of electronics, optoelectronics, spintronics. In electronic applications, the ion implanter enables generation of sources and drains, forming the threshold voltage of CMOS instruments, doping of the emitter, base and collector areas of bipolar devices, as well as performing Well and Halo implantation. For the applications of silicon electronics, ions B, BF2, P, As, Si can be used. For alternative semiconductors, group ions IIb, IIIa, IVa, Va, VIa can be used. During implantation, the temperature of the substrate does not exceed 100 °C. For the needs of optoelectronics and spintronics, it is possible to implant with rare earth ions and transition metal ions. This device is suitable for engineering defects on substrates heated up to 500°C. The implant also allows the use of smart-cut technology to obtain ultra-thin monocrystalline silicon layers. Additional equipment in the robot for the automatic loading of tiles allows the use of this device in low-volume production.

Technical specification

  • Acceleration voltage in range: 5 keV to 200 keV
  • Compatible with 4”, 6”, 8” wafers
  • Robot for automatic wafer loading
  • Precise wafer temperature control during process (100°C – 500°C).
  • Possibility to implant oxygen ions, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, boron and other (1-210 AMU)


  • Source/draing implantation
  • Threshold voltage adjustment for CMOS
  • Doping of emiter, base and collector of BJT
  • Well and Halo implantation
  • Rare earth ions and transition metal ions implantation
  • Smart-cut technology

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