Inside CEZAMAT DIH operates a dedicated to BIM technology sub-Hub, which offers access to technology and knowledge of smart building solutions. Its offers are directed not only to construction companies, but also to individual specialists as well as representatives of local governments and public institutions involved in the process of investment preparation.

This sub-hub provides the opportunity to use modern laboratories to test specific building automation solutions. Moreover, testing of smart solutions at the design stage is offered. Hub provides support in the construction and testing of MVP, development of innovative solutions, will take up the intermediation in obtaining external funding and will provide necessary laboratory tests, prototyping and possible pilot production.

In addition, HUB offers certification and support for the implementation of ISO 37120 “Social sustainability – Indicators of urban services and quality of life – Smart city standard”. Hub provides expert support with regard to the implementation of a given technology at the client’s site, especially at the first, most risky moment of its implementation. The aim is to move from the early stage of product technology development, from its implementation to post-industrial production and product commercialization.

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