Platform for diagnostics and characteristics of materials, structures, devices and circuits

Every technological activity must be subject to assessment, both in terms of the expected parameters of materials, elements and systems, as well as their reliability. Therefore, the Centre also comprises a platform for diagnostics and characterization. Thanks to measurements carried out with different methods it will be possible to optimize materials, properties and technologies for manufacturing of devices and circuits. Scientists will also work on the improvement of the existing measurement methods.

The platform will comprise the following labs:

  • surface and materials properties studies (equipped among others with high-resolution electron transmission and scanning microscopes that offer the possibility of imaging surfaces in atomic scale)
  • chemical composition studies (which among others will provide the following research methods: mass spectroscopy of secondary ions and x-ray electron spectroscopy)
  • electrical characterization and diagnostics (highly sensitive impedance and conductivity spectroscopy measurement in a broad range of temperatures)
  • magnetic properties diagnostics (highly sensitive magnetometers that use super-conductive quantum interferometers)
  • optical methods and optical properties diagnostics (which uses for example such methods as ellipsometry, luminescent spectroscopy or interferometry, among others for studying active micromechanical structures)
  • static and dynamic micromechanical properties diagnostics

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