Platform for development of new materials

The research theme of the platform for fabrication of materials (e.g. metals or organic compounds) will focus on working out modern material technologies for the needs of micro-, nano- and optoelectronics. Due to mutual incompatibility of the researched materials the platform will comprise two divisible laboratory zones:

  • development of new nanomaterials
  • fabrication and studying nanosuspensions, micro- and nanoaerozoles

The lab for development of nanomaterials will specialize in fabrication of functional materials. They will be used in electronics and photonics, as well as in biosensors (e.g. for the purpose of discovering cancer cells). Another intriguing topic studied in this lab involves fabrication of spatial, three-dimensional metalo-organic structures (Metal-Organic-Framework i.e. MOF), which can be used both in storage, as well as dosage of gases or chemical reagents, including drugs.

The second lab will be a place to work on the fabrication and applications of nanosuspensions, micro- and nanoaerozoles (solid and liquid), as well as filtration materials. In the future the obtained results can be applied in many areas, including, among the others production of medicines. Scientists will also work here on the hydrodynamics and transport of mass in chemical microreactors.

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