Bio engineering platform

This platform is dedicated to three major scopes:

  • design and fabrication technologies of functional materials with a high degree of biocompatibility

Work within this area will be focused on the materials used for the production of diagnostic and therapeutical equipment including catheters, implants or stents including coronary ones. The development of the effective production methods of biocompatible and hemocompatible materials (mainly polymers) will be one of our major aims.

  • biological substitutes of tissues and organs with the application of biomaterials, cells and processes of┬ábiofabrication

Research in this area will be focused on modern methods of three-dimensional structures formation with the utilization of engineering materials and natural cells. The conducted works will allow the accurate modeling of a construction and properties of the replaced tissues and organs. The applied novel biomaterials will function both as cell carriers and as bioactive scaffolds for the newly created tissues. The fabricated biostructures will be also intended to serve as 3D biological models of healthy or diseased parts of organism, which are more often necessary for the testing of novel medicines and methods of treatment.

  • design and fabrication of novel devices for the medical diagnostics and environmental studies

Our works will be focused on the fabrication of miniaturized analytical devices for the early, inexpensive and noninvasive diagnostics. Such tools will be employed mostly for the detection of cancer, degenerative or civilization diseases and allow also for the evaluation of the environment pollution. A series of novel tools including biosensors and Lab-on-Chip systems will be a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to nowadays applied analytical procedures. Among others it will contribute to the improvement of the life quality of people affected by various diseases. Among proposed solutions the electronic tattoo-based devices designed for the monitoring of human health condition will be manufactured. Such single-use electronic tools connected with other appliances such as smartphones or tablets will notably improve the comfort of patients. It will allow for noninvasive monitoring of the state of the human organism including the stress level, concentration of electrolytes, pulse measurement or the change of glucose concentration.

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